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New Cover Photo

Here it is! I made this with my Bamboo drawing tablet. I’m honestly vey proud, because it’s the first time I used it, and I think it actually made for a decent background, although I think the aqua is a little bright. Still, for a first go at it, I like it. I really felt like I needed one since I have gone through numerous changes lately, such as the watermark and whatnot. Also, one of the pictures on my last cover photo was actually from one of my very first sessions! So I felt the need to update.

Hope you guys enjoy it too!


Zac & Hannah

I met this couple out at John’s Cove, and wow was it ever windy!! We snapped a few photos at the beach, but quickly moved on to our second location (where it was thankfully much less windy). These guys are an adorable couple, they’re comfortable together, easy to get along with, and their fun personalities really showed through. Another great thing was hearing about how Hannah had found out about me, as it was from a previous client of mine (one of my first sessions!).







I was asked to photograph Ashley and Shelby again, this time during some slightly warmer weather. As I entered Ashley’s place, I got the biggest compliment I could, to see my pictures from previous sessions printed and framed throughout the place. It really means a lot as a photographer to know that your clients enjoy their pictures. Although it was windy, and quite chilly, at least we weren’t thinking about snow! As always, had a great time with these guys, and I really hope they enjoy their pictures for years to come.




Miss Ally Auction!

Recently the small town of Woods Harbour was dealt a large blow when the Miss Ally fishing vessel capsized while out at sea. In order to raise some money for the families of the five fishermen, people have banned together across the province through Facebook to organize an auction in support. I have donated a $75 gift certificate to the auction. You can search the auction page here: http://www.facebook.com/#!/MissAllyAuction. Please show your support! Spread the word and help these families!

If you’re interested in bidding and want to know more about my services feel free to check them out at www.BarbaraDPhotography.com/Prices. A $75 gift certificate is equal to a Premium photo session, which is 75-90 minutes if shooting time, up to three different locations, and 20-25 edited pictures. This includes a CD with your edits, as well as a bunch of other photos from your session (premium sessions usually have 70+ pictures total).

Miss Ally

Eddie & Justine

Got a chance to take some pictures of my brother and sister-in-law over the holiday season. Had a good time, although it felt like their visit ended way too quickly! Can’t wait until I see them again. It was another chilly photoshoot, and my first when there was snow on the ground. Good times though.

Wishing them lots of happy memories together :).

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IMG_9947 IMG_9932

The Doucette Sisters

The Doucette sisters were a delight to photograph. I hadn’t been allowed to post them previously as they had asked me not to since they were going to be used as Christmas gifts. I had a good laugh when I was told that they made their grandmother leave her own house at 9 on a Sunday morning by telling her to leave because of a surprise, lol. I sure hope she enjoyed the pictures as well! It was a good shoot, got to try out some new poses and I also got to learn a few new things about my equipment. Which makes for an accomplishing session I’d say.

I hope everyone liked their presents :).

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Ashley & Shelby

Ashley was a repeat customer I was glad came back for more :). She’s a blast to photograph, and this time she brought along her boyfriend Shelby. They make for a cute couple with a good future together. It was really nice getting to spend some time with them both and chatting while taking some pictures.

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It was chilly, so we got some with their coats on.

It was chilly, so we got some with their coats on. 

The Parker Family

Got a chance to photograph a young family of five this time. Although the children were hectic, and I didn’t have much of a voice, I was still able to capture at least one picture with all five of them looking at the camera! It was tough, but with some help from the grandmother, we got it done. Which brings up a great point: If you’re getting multiple small children photographed, it’s a good idea to bring along someone they know and listen to (at least a bit), because it’s easier for them to get the children to look at the photographer, and you’ll most likely end up with better results :). However, don’t worry about it if you can’t. Especially if there’s only one child, it shouldn’t be a problem for a photographer to snap a quick shot with the child looking at the camera.

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Fun family times :). Fun family times :).


High School Grad Group

I had a group of 8 wonderful upcoming graduates to photograph in a group session over the weekend. Although it was a large group, the challange was totally worth it for these pictures! I’m really glad that they wore clothing that didn’t distract, but yet all had a different pop of colour to show some individuality. These girls really got their energy and their laughs from one another and you can tell they’re close. I had a great time capturing some of their moments together so hopefully, no matter what happens to them later on, they’ll have some nice shots together to remember their most precious high school year.

I wish them all the best in their future!

Love this picture of the girls laughing :).

Love this picture of the girls laughing :).


Boudoir ;)

I was so excited to have my first boudoir client allow me to post a picture of her online! I really enjoy taking boudoir pictures, especially once a client passes the “Ekk! I’m nervous stage!”, but don’t worry, it goes away quickly :). I know it’s not much of a preview, but there’s more to come down the road.

This girl was really beautiful, a joy to photograph. She got to use a quite a few outfits and we did a ton of poses. Hope you enjoy! As with all girls who do boudoir, they’re a little nervous at first, and then it goes away. If you’re thinking about getting a boudoir package, feel free to message me and ask any questions that come to mind.

Sexy panties ;).

Sexy panties ;).